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The application account is allowed to access only a single bucket and can’t create new buckets by default. Developers and DevOps can quickly build, deploy, run, and manage applications anywhere, securely, and at scale with the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift is [...]leer másBasic Deployment Operations Deployments Developer Guide OpenShift Container Platform 3 11
It also offers apps and integrations for things like Google Analytics and Facebook Live Chat. Their prices have a limitation to the number of products you can sell. The first two plans that cost $35 and $79 per month have restrictions of 100 and 5,000 products respectively. That may change at some point because they [...]leer másInformation Free Full-Text The Impact of Data Science Solutions on the Company Turnover
If you want to build a PWA like Impact or any other for your business, then you need the help of qualified developers. Here are some reasons to choose Codica for progressive web application development. Trivago is a metasearch engine that compares accommodation prices and offers provided to customers by various booking sites. This German [...]leer másThe rise of Progressive Web Apps PWA 2023
You can also use the test recorder on your own device farm/grid or on Testsigma’s built-in device lab on the cloud. The platform has built-in visual testing, parametrized or data-driven testing, 2FA testing, and more advanced features for easy test automation. Our AI automatically fixes unstable elements and test steps, identifies and isolates regression-affected scripts, [...]leer másWhat is specflow and how it can be used in testing automation?