How To Scale Your Small Business in 6 Steps 2023

How to scale a business

Even small businesses have the opportunity to leverage scaling strategies and achieve sustainable growth, enabling them to compete with larger competitors. The digital revolution has opened up new avenues for small businesses to expand operations and reach a broader customer base. If hiring is part of your scaling strategy, you should hire where an extra person would be most effective. For Pantee, it was marketing, but for your business it could be someone to work on product or customer service, or sales. Employees are a major financial commitment, so they should be focus on an area that will bring in the most return. Financing is one of your most valuable resources, and it’s important to understand how your financing strategy aligns with your growth strategy, according to Rayport.

  • Engaged employees are more productive and committed to contributing to the company’s success.
  • When the organization is primed for success, the only way is up.
  • Instead, they help the organization understand how to sell better.
  • With this business-to-business play, you create relationships with companies that already do business with your ideal customers.

One of the worst mistakes business owners make when scaling a business is leveling up without an increase in revenue. The Startup Genome Report cites that only 1 in 12 companies survives because of issues stemming from a lack of cash flow. Whether it’s hiring too many employees or heavily investing in product development or customer acquisition, the most common issue that causes startups to fail is spending too much, too soon. One way to bypass this error is getting increasing profit margins to a level that can sustain measures of growth (like adding to the team or ramping up production).

Without a flexible cost structure or the right financing, that’s nearly impossible. You may choose to bootstrap to be self-sufficient, but that is not always possible. Sometimes the answer is to outsource or look to partners, rather than hire internally. Contact Customer Support for questions on your products, coaching, or events…. Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

What is a scaling strategy?

But I’d ask you to take a step back and instead, focus on refining the product you already have. This isn’t to say, never launch anything new, but in our rush to innovate, we might leave a half baked product on the line. Great leaders know one thing — having a natural curiosity and thirst for learning separates the good from the great.I’m not going to lie, scaling up will shake things up at your company. And for that to happen, you must have the expertise that comes with knowledge and experience to handle it.

How to scale a business

They don’t need to understand all of the product features or use cases, but they do need to understand the architecture, because that will drive future expansion opportunities. Before joining Picnic, he worked in the business-to-business space for a bit, building a retail recommendation platform. This experience made him realize that the food ecommerce industry was immature compared to the non-food ecommerce industry despite being the same How to scale a business size, which he identified as a business opportunity. If you’re wondering how to scale your technology or company in all directions, or build a technology or company that will survive future changes, you’re in the right place. He is passionate about making life easier for the sales and support community through SaaS software. A big believer in the Lean Startup methodology, he loves helping SMBs find frugal ways to grow their business.

If you are a business coach who works one-on-one with clients, you could start offering group coaching programs. But without a little planning, business owners may stay mired in focusing on daily tasks and to-dos and may not take time to come up for air to work on their business strategy for growth. Strategic partnerships are a powerful scaling strategy that can be pursued at all stages of growth. Collaborating with complementary businesses or industry leaders can provide access to new markets, resources and expertise. Through strategic partnerships, businesses can do what they’d usually do in a year in just a few months. Small businesses can optimize operations by implementing scaling strategies and free up valuable time.

The Hug Sleep is known as the blanket that hugs you back—a cozy, soothing experience based on the science of weighted blankets. The company has exploded since Matt founded it, thanks in part to an appearance on Shark Tank, where he and his wife, Angie, walked away with a $300,000 investment. Katie and her sister Amanda are the brains behind Pantee, a line of underwear and bras made exclusively from dead-stock t-shirts and t-shirt fabric.

We asked them to give our clients a preferred discount not available to the public. For us, we requested a modest commission each time someone made a purchase. This resulted in the vendor winning a new client, the client getting an exclusive discount, and us earning a commission equalling thousands of extra dollars per month. Most real estate developers sell a home and that’s the extent of their revenue.

Automate Processes

First, and perhaps most obviously, entrepreneurs need to want their business to grow. According to the report, many early-stage ventures lack the will and ambition to scale. Business growth refers to adding new resources to increase revenue.

  • I’m a huge proponent of bootstrapping, but it typically takes years to grow through bootstrapping alone.
  • This means hiring talented people and delegating important matters to those who are most knowledgeable and best suited to address them.
  • Modeling such changes in your architecture ensures that the implementation is much easier.
  • If you have started thinking about taking your business to the next level (and maybe even reducing your workload), you’ve definitely heard about scaling.

In fact, a more local approach can help ease the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on global supply chains. “That was actually a really valuable part of the process for us—sitting down and saying, ‘Where do we want to be? If your company started as a hobby, like in Matt’s case with Hug Sleep, you may have just been going with the flow up until this point. It all comes down to your personal priorities, lifestyle, and financial situation.

Free Tools

By constantly iterating and innovating, you can stay competitive and seize emerging opportunities in the marketplace. So, whether you’re ramping up your business or powering through your workouts, remember that scaling is like the secret sauce that takes your performance to the next level. This includes using high-quality image products, creating a clear headline to show your value proposition, and keeping a good site performance. You can calculate your conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of website visitors and multiplying that number by 100 to get a percentage.

How to scale a business

Daniel moved to Amsterdam for a Computer Science doctoral program and also obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration in the city. People frequently use the terms “scale” and “development” interchangeably. However, though they are related, they are two distinct business terms. Most businesses in today’s time cannot function efficiently without an only presence, especially if their primary exchanges take place over the internet. An increase in leads for your business can be both overwhelming and exciting.

Similarly, share how your usage numbers are increasing over time. This provides data-backed proof your customers realize the benefits of using your product — and want to use it more. These risk reducers show investors customer success is proof of greater market potential. After reviewing the agency’s best clients, the CEO decided to specialize in video marketing for attorneys.

Follow a process

This may include hiring specialists as well as fresh recruits, creating target teams with specific agendas, etc. You should also have systems in place to track your expenses and income. This way, you can see where your money is going and adjust as needed.

Before starting a partnership, it is necessary to know your partner’s values ​​and goals. Some companies focus on profits, while others prioritize customer satisfaction. If you partner with a business that does not have the same goals, you might not reach long-term success due to the clash of values. Furthermore, creating an effective business system will help you meet customers’ expectations and solve problems.

It can be hard to admit, but “managing the operations by hands-on involvement of founders will eventually limit growth”. If a start-up is going to scale, managers need to implement standardized and repeatable processes, with proper delegation. This may require investments in purchasing support systems including IT and training personnel accordingly, as well as delegation from the founder and senior management. Scaling a business requires planning, strategic execution and adopting effective growth strategies. By following the strategies we discussed in this article, you can reach levels you couldn’t have imagined before. By integrating the newest technologies, such as Scribe and other tools that automate processes, you can enhance operations and even create space for new opportunities.

Consider working ON the business vs. working IN the business

It’s about responding to growth, and adjusting your business model accordingly. Google is probably one of the most famous examples of a company that scaled successfully, as it generated lots of new customers with little additional investment. Most entrepreneurs have big ambitions when they start a new business. But if you don’t have a road map in place to handle rapid growth, you could become a victim of your own success. If it doesn’t make sense to hire your own employee, there are ways to outsource tasks to streamline your business as you scale.

Successful scaling requires not just a solid business plan, but also a unique skill set. Yes, there’s talent, but your team members also need to have the right mindset and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Scaling is hard work, and if you have a team that’s content to just coast for the next few years, the hard truth is that you won’t be able to scale with them. A growing business needs to increase its workforce to cope with expansion. During this stage, you’ll build your team to ensure the main tasks are covered. As those tasks increase and become more complex, you’ll find that extra staff (and bigger premises) are required.

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